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Exam Elements

Determine glasses prescription

Evaluation of contact lenses

Binocular vision testing

Dilated eye health check

Doctor performs eye testing

Kalamazoo Optometry

Our Competitors

      The fine details

Evaluation of contact lenses - Most places will check your contact lenses for you, however some of our competitors only offer brands that they are financially associated with. At Kalamazoo Optometry we don't play favorites with contact lens brands, so we are able to fit a wider range of prescriptions and we choose whats best for your eyes.

Binocular vision testing - Binocular vision describes how both of your eyes work together. Some of our competitors can do a fine job correcting your vision one eye at time, but choose to neglect how well your eyes work together. Skipping binocular vision testing saves them time, but can lead to you getting headaches, eye strain, or even double vision.

Dilated eye health check - Dilation is becoming less common at a lot of locations for one simple reason - it takes up time, and time is money. However a dilation should be part of a complete eye exam, and any place not performing dilation is doing the patient a disservice. We realize dilation is not the most fun thing in the world, but its important and we choose to do it for the health of our patients eyes. Dilation allows us to discover diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, retinal detachments and many more. Some of these diseases can leave you permanently blind, so diagnosing them early with dilation is important. 

Doctor performs eye testing - some other locations use technicians or automation to evaluate your eyes, and you do not even get to see the eye doctor. We still believe in a doctor-patient relationship, so you will always see the doctor at your eye exam.

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