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     Depending on the reason for your appointment, an eye exam can last 15 minutes to 2 hours. However a typical complete or initial exam will take about 1 hour.

     Our main goal with any appointment is to solve any problems you are currently having with your eyes or vision. We also want to evaluate your eyes to make sure you do not develop any issues in the future. A typical exam includes the process of determining your glasses prescription, which we refer to as "the refraction." This is the process most people recognize as the "quiz" where you answer "1 or 2."

     After we have determined a prescription for new glasses or contacts we check the health of your eyes, which typically includes a dilation. Dilation allows us to thoroughly examine the health of your eyes.  The side effects of dilation are temporary (2 to 4 hours) and include: sensitivity to light, blurry near vision, and sometimes blurry distance vision. It would be beneficial to bring a pair of sunglasses with you, but we have complementary disposable sunglasses if need be. Contrary to popular belief, you are safe to drive home after dilation. However, some patients feel more comfortable having someone drive them; it is entirely up to you. 

     During or after the dilation, we encourage you to check out our glasses selection and find your new style! 

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